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TGS 07: Avalanche Engine 2.0 Debuts

Remember that game Just Cause that came out about a year ago? Remember how awesome the open-world play was? And how intense the graphics were even from a huge distance? And how sweet it was to latch onto a car using your grappling hook and then parasail to your destination instead of drive? No? That’s ok, you were only missing out on a lot of un-achieved potential. However, the game engine that made all of the cool stuff possible has been revamped and will be coming to your local Tokyo Game Show this year.

The Avalanche Engine version 2.0 will offer us the immense landscapes and high texture and character detail that the original provided, but on an even grander scale since it has to measure up to the ability of the next-gen consoles. That means forget about GTA and The Elder Scrolls VI: Oblivion and imagine a smooth as silk transition from one area to the next, with intense detail on every frame.

Avalanche CEO Christofer Sundburg is confident that the engine will lead to great things for the company.

”Ultimately the engine will enable us to create games of epic scale and with great variation across genres and artistic styles for the next generation of gaming experiences. The latest screen shots speak for themselves, with detail that has never before been seen in characterization and game landscaping.”

More will be revealed about the capabilities and specifics of the new engine when TGS 2007 begins this Thursday, September 20th and continues to Sunday the 23rd. Hi-res screenshots of the engine in action can be found in the gallery below.