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New screenshots and descriptions for the mounts was released today for the upcoming free-to-play, massive scaled, MMORPG, Tales of Fantasy. IGG's latest project is an incredible looking game and is sporting graphics found in most standard current-gen games on home consoles.

The highlight of Tales of Fantasy is that the main focal point of the gameplay revolves around fighting while mounted. Usually I’m no fan of mount-based games, but the mounts look really awesome in this game, so it’ll be interesting to see how it all turns out.

You can check out the new screenshots of the mounts below along with brief descriptions of the mount classes. For more information on the upcoming alpha-test be sure to visit the Official Website.

Tales of Fantasy Mounts:

Since ancient times horses have been the primary source of transportation for simple folk and wandering warriors alike. In Tales of Fantasy, there is an extensive variety of horses for players to choose from - from common brown horses to the white steeds of legend. What’s more, these steeds (like the Clouder) even offer an additional +10 HP Recovery when they have a rider mounted on them!

Kirins and Lions
Kirins, being the beast of worship for the Bohren, are sure to bathe their riders in splendor and awe; while the Lions of Ashland add a definite measure of grandeur. These steeds are not simply fashion accessories though, they also contribute to each character’s resistance to the elements, with various breeds offering varying forms of protection (example: The Grove Kirin is resistant to lightning, yet weak against fire).

Tigers and Leopards
Tigers, with their lethal precision with fang and claw, offer superior overall bonuses to their rider’s HP (the Striped Tiger adds 150 HP to the rider’s current max HP, as well as granting Strength and Agility bonuses). When speed is the thing you need, hop on the lightning quick, lithe Leopard – other than the speed bonuses it offers, it also increases hit and evasion rates for the character riding it.

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