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Tales of Laputa, the somewhat adorable online RPG coming from the folks at NGames, is drawing closer to an official launch date. To help would-be player prepare for the adventures ahead, the developers have released details on the six playable classes that will be available at launch.

Mixing an anime style with classic RPG gameplay, Tales of Laputa is a world where magic and advanced machinery exist hand-in-hand and demons may attack at any moment. Despite that epic build-up, the game is rather chibi and precious, actually.

Now that you have an idea of what the game looks like, NGames wants to familiarize everyone with the six playable character classes within the world of Laputa.

First up is the Warrior class, which depends on brute strength in battle and relies on their sword as their greatest weapon. Wizards are basically the exact opposite, relying on psychic power and totems to cast powerful spells on their enemies.

Most effective from even further back on the battlefield are the Snipers, masters of firearms who can dish out the pain from far away. If your need to keep everyone healthy, then you might want to fall back on the Priest class. These bad boys are all about support and healing their team mates.

Similar to Wizards, Mages use wands to cast their various spells, consuming loads of mana to dish out spells that level the opposition. Finally there are the Assassins, best suited to getting in close without being noticed and using daggers and trickery to dispatch their foes.

For news, updates and load more information on Tales of Laputa, visit the game’s official website.