IGG has sent out an alert that Tales of Fantasy is in desperate need of guildies; big, small, round, square, cool, lame, it doesn’t matter they just need people to fill out some guilds. The whole point of recruiting guilds for Tales of Fantasy coincides with stress-testing the server for PvP and other guild-related activities.

According to the press release…
“We are extremely happy to announce the official opening of the Tales of Fantasy Alpha Test on March 10 th! As such,, we cordially extend invitations to all of our established guilds to join in the fun and excitement…And for the lucky guilds chosen to play, we have prepared an additional prize worth $100 USD on top of the privilege of being the first to know the exact time of the Alpha Test’s opening”

There’s nothing like a good ‘ole bribery to help get gamers involved with a free-to-play MMO. Regardless, I must admit that Tales of Fantasy is a very cool looking MMORPG with great graphics and a unique mounted-combat system similar to Red Cliff Online.

You can learn more about Tales of Fantasy by visiting the Official Website.

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