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In a neat little twist to reward (or curse) players who spend a little time at the local augur in Top II, players are given buffs, special abilities and more for getting their future told. The system mostly favors positive results but there’s a small chance something negative could be in store for players as well.

According to the press release…
Augurs are NPCs that ply their trade in most of the cities in the game. From the omens of the stars and the power of the gods, augurs will reveal a player’s immediate future. Research suggests these fortunes are good 70% of the time, negative 29% of the time and can result in a miracle 1% of the time. Good fortunes include various buffs, such as increases to EXP gain, refining success rate, movement speed, and maximum HP or SP.

Augurs don’t just hand out miracles, free teleportation, equipment and blessings. As mentioned, there’s a small percentage of something wacky, weird of downright atrocious happening to your dear pirate (or nearby pirates), such as being turned into a moppet!

What’s more is that some positive or negative effects can be shared with other pirate players, so be careful who you hang around when going to visit the augur.

You can learn more about the Tales of Pirates II and the future-telling augurs by visiting the Official Website.

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