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A brand new server is on the way for IGG’s ToP II and it will be accompanied by a series of events, including 4X experience bonuses and quizzes with cool prizes up for grabs. This is, of course, assuming you can tear yourself away from Call of Duty: Black Ops long enough to get any game time in with Tales of Pirates II.

As stated in the press release…
Come November 10th, a whole new server, Storm Sea, will make its splashy debut in TOP II! In celebration of the launch of this new server, there will be a series of awesome events hosted in Storm Sea.

There’s a complete list of goodies, events and things to do during the opening of the new server, which was brought about given the game’s ever-expanding community of active players. You can check out the list of events below or pay a kind visit to the Official Tales of Pirates II Website to learn more about the game. Heck, it’s free-to-play so you may as well download it if it tickles your fancy.

Tales of Pirates II Server Opening Events Features

I. 4X EXP, 4X the Fun!
During the event, enjoy 4X EXP when you battle against the vicious creatures of the pirate world!

II. The GM Quiz
The GM will be giving a quiz through the System Channel and pirates with quick minds and fast fingers who can answer the questions first in the World Channel will be up for big rewards!

III. Sandbag Critters' Party
There are a lot of low level Sand Bags running around in Argent City. They may only be Level 1-3, but the experience they offer is simply insane! Seize this chance and turn them into punching bags to help you level up fast!

IV. GM Shopping Tour
Our GM is in trouble. The Pirate Overlord has ordered a list of supplies and our GM is struggling to acquire such enormous quantities of everything. Help our GM out by selling these items at your stall. Though the GM is desperate to get the goods, the Pirate Overlord has given him a tight budget, so don’t go charging any crazy prices!

V. Challenge the GM!
Are you a true warrior of the seas? Do you have the guts to challenge our powerful GM? Battle the GM and prove your mettle! He will appear at the PvP Map at the start of the event and will be waiting for those worthy enough to throw down the gauntlet. Defeat him and win awesome prizes to sweeten your victory!

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