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IGG (Internet Gaming Gate) recently sent out word that they are the numero-uno publisher for the North American version of Tales of Pirates. Apparently some hock-job publishers out there thought they could stir a little controversy by claiming they owned the rights to the Moliyo developed MMO. Well, they thought wrong and IGG is seeking to set the record straight.

According to the press release – which seems as if it was written with importunate intent – it was stated that… ”The copyrights to the online game Tales of Pirates belong to its developer, Moliyo. IGG signed an agreement with Moliyo to secure the exclusive online publishing rights for North America.” It goes on to further state that… ”The only other company to secure online publishing rights for ToP was Sing-Gium, who secured the rights to Southeast Asia for their game - Pirates King Online. Moliyo has never licensed any other English versions of the game to anyone.”

Yeah, so there you have it folks; any publisher claiming otherwise will have to take it up with Moliyo and IGG. For further details on this matter you can refer to the Official Tales of Pirates Website regarding this matter. For more gaming news, information, insight and updates, be sure to stay tuned in with Blend Games.