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A bunch of free-to-play MMO companies love bringing in new players by giving away free stuff. I mean, it's a surefire way to keep gamers hooked when you're baiting them with cash shop goods, right? Well, of course... because the stuff is free! So being the bait-and-hook peddlers that we are (for page hits) we have some free cash shop packages to give away for Tamer Saga, the free-to-play browser-based MMORPG.

Before getting into the whole giveaway bit, first let's get into a bit about the actual gameplay of Tamer Saga: the game is an isometric, sprite-based MMORPG that you play through your browser. It's a point and click game where skill comes secondary to just running around and doing your own thing. The battle system is quite straightforward in a crude turn-based way. Players can acquire and level up pets, engage in PvP and do all the other usual sort of stuff associated with MMOs.

As usual, the game's main schtick is fueled from in-app purchases and cash shop goods. I haven't heard a lot about user experiences with Tamer Saga, but they've apparently managed to avoid the Office of Fair Trade, unlike some other companies who managed to make into the OFT's Children's Online Games Report, as noted by Betanews. And any game and game company that can avoid ending up in a report about cash shop exploitation is still worth playing... right?

Anyway, with the Lekool Tamer Saga newbie gift pack, you get 10 small HP Orbs, 10 double experience points scrolls, 10 full repair kits, 10 teleport scrolls, a three-hour summon, and a daily quest scroll.

The newbie gift pack is only available to be redeemed by one LeKool account per code. So you can't stockpile newbie gift packs on a single account. Although, technically you could make a bunch of accounts and try to stockpile the codes on mule accounts... but uh, forget I mentioned that.

Anyway, the procedure for redeeming the code(s) are below. You can check out Gaming Blend's Official Facebook page to find the codes posted periodically. For more information on Tamer Saga feel free to visit the game's official website.

Redeeming The Newbie Gift Pack

1.) the player needs to crate a account on lekool Tamer Saga ( then login the game and then follow the following steps.

2.) Claim the newbie code

3.) Enter the game and locate the “Gift” Icon next to your character name

4.) Once you click the Gift tab a claim window ingame will open

5.) Copy and paste the newbie code and click “Exchange”. Once you click exchange a system popup will notify you of the rewards gained.

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