Lexis Numerique sent out word that they're looking for support for their Kickstarter project Taxi Journey. The game is a French-inspired animated adventured game designed in a similar style to PlayDead's Limbo while mimicking the story and character dynamics from Studio Chibi.

Lexis Numerique is not a no-name company, though, and they're not coming out of the woodworks as newbies in the game design scene. The company has an illustrious and colorful history of titles under their label, including recent games like Red Johnson Chronicles and In Memoriam, along with slightly less critically acclaimed titles like Amy and Creating Chaos at Home.

Chances are you've come across at least one of their titles in their impressive line-up of games released over the years for PC and home consoles. The studio is now looking to branch out from the typical confines of publisher-based game development and seek the funds and support from crowd-funding via Kickstarter.

The newest project from the Paris-based design studio is called Taxi Journey and it features two unlikely protagonists named Gino and Zoey. Players will roll around, uncovering the story, unraveling the plot and unfolding puzzles along the way.

There's a strong hint of Machinarium and the upcoming Monochroma, where the design centers strongly around the atmosphere built up in the game as opposed to having progressive or revolutionary gameplay mechanics. A lot of it is about the journey and having a bastion of nostalgia to fall back on in order to give the game some historical value.

I like the designs and I like the aim of the game, however it appears like this may have made for a better Dreamworks animated film than an actual game, but who knows, maybe Lexis Numerique will pull off something special with the title?

Securing $32,000 out of a goal of $130,000, the team still has a long ways to go before they hit their funding goal and they only have 10 days to do so. The results aren't looking too good at their current status, and the project will certainly need a huge boost within the next 10 days if they want to see this game become a reality.

You can contribute to the project if you want by paying a visit to the official Kickstarter page. I almost get the feeling that a lot of people may not have backed this project because they just didn't know it existed.

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