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Before Valve lets us know what's in the Team Fortress 2 Engineer Update, they're revealing what isn't. Today they detailed a cancelled item known as the Repair Node.

The Repair Node was a new building option for Engineers. Instead of building a dispenser or teleporter, an Engineer could instead opt to make a Node. This structure repairs all nearby buildings until its energy supply runs out, which it then replenishes through a cooldown period. This allowed the Engineer to go out and fight rather than babysit their base.

"Despite the design choices we had available, we were never really able to get the Repair Node to feel balanced for the attacking team," said Valve's Brandon Reinhart on the official game blog. "TF2 maps tend to be designed with very specific predicted Sentry placement locations and length of Sentry survivability. The Repair Node distorted old favorite maps and made testing new ones more difficult by exaggerating intentional choke points and creating new choke points where they didn't previously exist."

Reinhart also noted that the lack of teleporters and dispensers had a negative impact on teams. Specifically, it took them longer to get to the frontlines and they had to run back to base for resupplies. This led to a lot of Engineer resentment in play-testing, apparently.

"Ultimately, the Repair Node was cut because it made the game more of a grind. While it definitely made it less stressful to manage a base as an Engineer, it wasn't fun. The Engineer gained a little bit of fun, but nearly everyone else in the match suffered as a result."

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