If you bought Saints Row: The Third through Steam, you're going to get a set of freebies tomorrow. Volition and Valve have teamed up to create Team Fortress 2-themed masks for the game. They'll be included in a free compatibility patch.

"Beginning Tuesday, all players on Steam will receive the 9 custom TF2 giant-sized character masks to use around the city of Steelport. Be it the Heavy, the Scout, the Spy, or any other member of your choosing, you get to streak around naked, beat up pedestrians, and hit those big stunt jumps with the character of your choice," said Volition.

The TF2 masks will be included in the same patch as the CheapyD DLC. The CheapyD DLC provides players with a new henchman. Like the masks, this new henchman is free of charge.

Tomorrow Volition will also release the GenkiBowl VII content for the game. GenkiBowl costs $7 to download. You can download it for free, though, by purchasing a Season Pass.

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