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Team Meat confirmed today that their latest game, Mew-Genics, will be released on mobile devices. A teaser image from the developer shows the game running on an iPad.

It's not clear whether Mew-Genics will be playable on iPhones as well. Either way, the iPad won't be the only way to play the game. Team Meat says that they're going to release it on multiple platforms other than iOS. The PC and Mac seem like safe bets, considering the developer's history.

Mew-Genics is still something of a mystery. The developers have said that it involves genetically mutated cats. These cats have randomized appearances, personalities and abilities. There are millions upon millions of possible combinations, so you'll likely never have the cat same twice. It's not really clear what you'll be doing with said cat in the game, though.

Team Meat previously said that they're "moving quite fast" on developing the game. Presumably that means we can expect it in 2013.