Net Marble, the online gaming portal, announced along with parent company CJ Internet that Tecmo Koei’s Uncharted Waters is now live for North American gamers. Did I also happen to mention that the game is completely free to play? Yep, well it is.

To get things kicked off right, a $4,000 contest is underway where the players who complete the Christopher Columbus event in-game will be eligible to win a cruise ticket and the destination of their choice. Pretty snazzy contest, eh?

Takeda Tomokazu, producer, TECMO KOEI GAMES...
“We invite players to set forth on the stormy sea and set sail for the pages of history. Whether battling pirates or becoming a master of trade, this online adventure will inspire players to chart their own course through the game and beyond.

Players will be able to choose form six various nations, and set sail with a crew to conquer uncharted territories. Player customization, sea-faring battles and friend-making is all part of the adventure.

The game clocks in with a hefty 3.2gb client download and requires close to 10gig for the full installation. So yeah, there’s a heck of a lot of content jam packed inside Uncharted Waters. You can register to start playing the game right now by heading on over to the Official Website.

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