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There's a collection of new titles on Steam's Greenlight community page definitely worth checking out. It's easy to miss these games or – even when they do release – forget that they exist given how under-promoted many of them are.

On the bright side, every once in a while we manage to get around to discussing, sharing and exploring some of the more noteworthy gems from the Greenlight section of Steam, and today's offerings are most certainly a vote-worthy cache of titles.

We have three indie games from up-and-coming developers, including Uncanny Valley, Tengami and Daily Espada. Check them out below.

Uncanny Valley
This is a procedural, story-driven horror game. We don't get too many horror titles in the procedural category that are also strong, character focused games. We might see that happen with Shinji Mikami's upcoming The Evil Within, Tango Gameworks' highly anticipated horror title, but outside of that all we have is Silent Hill. Thankfully, Cowardly Creations is aiming to bring back the slow-burn and tension-building of classic horror-adventure titles where it's more about exploration and psychological torment than the typical jump-scares associated with many of today's horror offerings (and that also applies to movies, as well). I really like the minimalist pixel art and the noetic approach to horror themes. Hopefully the game is as good as its trailer. You can up-vote the game over on Steam's official greenlight page.

“All these indie games are 2D sprite-games from the 90s. So hipster!” you say. Well, Tengami is a good retort for the previous complaint amongst many console gamers. It's a 3D pop-up book adventure title. You slowly explore ancient Japan as if unfolding an adventure from the comfort of your lap. I mean, we're getting knee-deep into pretentious art territory here. Still, Tengami takes on an artistic flair that imitates origami in the form of a book. Players will traverse through the 3D landscape, solving puzzles and discovering new areas along the way. It reminds me a lot of Wind Waker meets Journey meets Paper Mario, but with an aesthetic that's been washed over with a very dark, water-color tone. You can learn more about Tengami or up-vote the game by heading to the official Steam Greenlight page.

Daily Espada
Take a normal guy, give him a sword and send him on a quest to evolve into the offspring of Samus and Strider. That's the general gist of Daily Espada, a Brazilian-made indie title from developer Pidroh. The game focuses heavily on the lore and mythology of historical Brazilian culture and steeps itself heavy into a combat-oriented side-scroller that should definitely appeal to gamers who enjoy abusing their thumbs with incalculable amounts of button-mashing. The game is sprite-based, but it takes on a unique taste of artistic flavors thanks to the South American aesthetic. The slow-build from a nobody to a superhero is also pretty cool, and the combat seems reminiscent to Heart Machine's Hyper Light Drifter. You can learn more about the game or give this title a bit of up-vote loving by paying a visit to the official Steam Greenlight page.

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