Terraria Digs Into iOS, Crosses Over With Edge Of Space

It’s a big day for Terarria as the 2D open world exploration game finally arrives on iOS and, at the same time, gets its own crossover content event with similar (though space-themed) action game, Edge of Space.

Terraria is one of those games that, if it manages to sink its hooks into you, it’ll likely sink them in nice and deep. Originally frequently compared to Minecraft due to the digging and crafting mechanics, Terraria is much more action-based, featuring varied locations to explore, NPCs to interact with, weapons to collect and monsters to destroy.

Yes, a large chunk of your time in Terraria will be spend exploring the world’s cavernous depths and constructing a fortress the likes of which the world has never seen, but it’s those RPG elements that help set the game apart from the pack.

It was announced earlier this year that Terraria would eventually be making its way to mobile and, during E3, creator Andrew Spinks discussed the transition to a touch-focused platform, its challenges and his expectations for the project.

Now the wait is finally over as 505 Games announces the official launch of Terraria on iTunes (opens in new tab), offering all of the game’s extensive content for just $4.99 on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Worlds in Terraria are randomly generated, but each offers more than a dozen different environment types to explore, as well as 75-plus baddies and bosses to do battle with. You’ll collect dozens of suits of armor along the way, as well as a ridiculous number of weapons, spells and special gear.

Terraria for iOS also boasts Game Center leaderboards, as well as achievements and Facebook integration. The entire game has been optimized for the touchscreen, as well as the Retina display.

And then there’s Edge of Space, a similar sandbox game that ditches the fantasy setting in favor of sci-fi that you can grab now on Steam Early Access for just $8.03 (33 percent off of the regular price).

Revealed earlier today at PAX, Edge of Space will boast some crossover content with Terraria, namely “Omegatron,” the cybernetically enhanced version of Terraria’s Skeletron boss. While PAX players are getting first dips on this special content, it’ll eventually be plugged into the regular game as part of an upcoming patch. Edge of Space is available right now on Steam's early access if you're really interested in checking it out, but be warned that the game is still under heavy development if you plan to buy into it early.

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