Odin's son Thor, the god of thunder, has joined the ranks of other famous gods in Hi-Rez Studios' SMITE. To celebrate the god of thunder's recruitment into the fold with other mythological entities, Hi-Rez sent out a video detailing Thor's abilities, skills and play-styles.

If you're into DOTA-style games or multiplayer battle arena games (oftentimes referred to as MOBA games) then SMITE will be right up your alley. You can check out Thor in action in the trailer below, I thought it was pretty risky of Hi-Rez to include one of Thor's moves from the movie with Chris Hemsworth but hey, it at least looks cool.

As some of you may have imagined, SMITE has received quite a bit of backlash from some religious communities due to the depiction of some of the gods in the game, namely Kali. Poor Kali had the entire Hindi, Jewish and Catholic communities up in arms over her depiction, which eventually resulted in Hi-Rez Studios taking down her image from their website. She's still in the game, though, and still depicted with every bit of oozing sexuality as you would expect from a topless, well-endowed, multi-armed goddess.

SMITE is free-to-play and recruiting players at this very moment. If you're not easily religiously offended or always wanted to match up gods from different religions to battle it out in a battle arena, then SMITE is a game that fits right up your alley.

You can learn more over at the Official Website.

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