Sure, Steam has a massive holiday sale going on right now, offering dozens of games at deep discounts for your PC. But the majority of those deals are gone in a single day, meaning you’ll have to act quickly if you want to snag something at a new low-low price. Reverb Publishing is going a slightly different route, offering its Steam Christmas Sale games at a discounted price for a full two weeks. Primal Carnage, Ravaged and Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken can all be had for at least half off from now until Jan. 4.

Reverb Publishing is getting in the holiday spirit, offering three of its titles from indie developers at a deep discount through Jan. 4.

First up is Primal Carnage, the crazy class-based online shooter/biter that pits humans armed to the teeth against monstrous dinosaurs who are literally armed WITH teeth. A free holiday-themed DLC pack recently released for the game, giving humans festive gear like a Santa hat and some Dino’s, well, reindeer antlers. Primal Carnage is being marked down by 50 percent through the Steam Christmas Sale, now costing only $7.50.

Next up is Ravaged, the post-apocalyptic first-person shooter featuring both on-foot and vehicular combat for up to 32 people. Developer 2 Dawn games today released a free “Apocalypse” DLC pack, including new weapons, vehicles, items and a new “Dustbowl” map to keep everyone fragging through the holidays. Ravaged has also been marked down by 50 percent, now going for $4.99.

Finally, there’s the side-scrolling platform/puzzle/shooter, Rocketbirds: Hardboiled Chicken. Step into the boots of Hardboiled, a war-hardened chicken on a quest to overthrow an evil army of penguins. Despite the goofy premise, the action is explosive, the puzzles are tricky and the graphics are just as sharp as the knife Hardboiled uses to lay low many a penguin. Rocketbirds is being marked down by 75 percent for this holiday promotion, going for just $2.50 through Jan. 4.

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