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With only eight days left on its Kickstarter and barely being at the halfway point, Timber and Stone is a cool mix of voxel-based survival meets strategic fortress/town/city building. Your imagination is your only limit and the game sports siege weapons, forges, RPG mechanics and more.

I love games with deep rooted, open-ended concepts that leave the user in control of what they'd like to experience out of the game and Timber and Stone is that sort of game. The survival mechanics remind me a lot of Virtual Villagers where you need to monitor food supplies and you have a ton of control over the actual individual townsfolk in the game. It's a lot like Dwarf Fortress in the way you can build up, expand, grow and customize your playing experience. Check out Kickstarter video below.

I'm actually impressed with this game. The visuals are, of course, very Minecrafty but the play mechanics feels as if you could accomplish so truly amazing feats in this game depending on how far and much players are allowed to scale the in-game mechanics to their imagination.

What's more is that the game sports element and condition based destruction, so you can use fire to burn down wooden structures, or siege weapons to lay waste to fortified stone fortresses. Your imagination really is the only limit here.

If you want to see the game come to life you can pledge some monies to Timber and Stone or tell your friends about the game if it's something you think they might like. To learn more visit the Official Kickstarter page. You can also check out another video of the game on the next page.