Top 5 Ways To Make Crackdown 2 Not Suck

For those of you who don’t know, Realtime Worlds is currently working on an upcoming, unannounced project, in addition to their continued efforts to pump out their highly-anticipated MMO, All Points Bulletin. The unannounced title was announced during a GDC press release regarding Realtime’s need of employees. So, technically, it isn’t much of a stretch to put together the possibility that Crackdown 2 could be RTW’s 2010, unannounced project and if it is, we have a few suggestions to make sure it doesn’t suck so much.

Anyone who played the original game knows that it offered tons of possibilities that just weren’t explored very well. Here at Blend Games, though, we’re quite forgiving of new IP (except for maybe Too Human) and we’re always looking forward to sequels offering enhanced gameplay and better, more immersive features. So without further ado, here’s a compilation of the top five things to make Crackdown 2 not suck.

5. Multiplayer

Can we please have a multiplayer that doesn’t act like a five-minute tack-on? While the effort was duly appreciated, the multiplayer would so not suck if it sported eight-player co-op for all eight Agents. This way, it would at least offer up something more than just the typical two-player racing and two-player building hopping. It was fun but desperately in need of improvement. Added to this, would it be too much to ask for to have a split-screen option if the game is going to stay a two-player affair? It kind of sucks going over a friends house to play Crackdown, only to find out you have to go back home to play cooperatively. Real smart.

4. Better Melee & AI

Who doesn’t love pummeling enemies into the ground and watching them twitch only in the way that rag-doll would allow? The only problem is that melee sucked in Crackdown because it really wasn’t that extensive. Again, we’re forgiving that it was the first in many games to come. However, a bit more button mashing (and a bit more variety in the button mashing) wouldn’t hurt the game. This is especially considering that the AI seemed to stand around most of the time waiting to be hurled off a rooftop or face-flung down a flight of stairs. Something similar to Saints Row 2 or Uncharted would perfectly suit the nature of Crackdown 2.

3. Ditch Havoc for Euphoria

Yeah, Havoc was great and all like half-a-decade ago (and even then it was just a-okay). But the new dog in the yard is demanding usage and we concur with its demands. NaturalMotion’s Euphoria offers developers a much richer gaming experience for AI, character reactions and body physics effects. For a game like Crackdown 2 it would be essential to have something as awesome as Euphoria (i.e., it was used in Grand Theft Auto IV and Force Unleashed) to give gamers the kind of unparalleled experience that something like Crackdown would offer. It would also work wonders for tossing people off buildings, throwing them through walls or slamming them against breakable objects.

2 Enhanced Powers & Leveling

Look, it’s great when someone comes up with an idea to have special powers and whatnot, but could the powers at least do something useful? The running, throwing and Spider-Man roof-leaping was fine and dandy, but goodness what was up with the rest of the abilities? Here’s the thing. Each agent needs a special ability, like the Goth Agent being able to blend with the shadows, or the Norse Agent getting access to a special war-hammer, or the Asian Agent using fireballs or something. Anyway, in addition to having new Agent specific abilities, it would be equally cool to have an extended level-cap for all the abilities…maybe level 100 for each one.

1. A real campaign mode

This is obviously the most important out of them all. It’s not just viably important because it gives the game a sense of originality and depth, but for the sake of replay and immersion a real campaign would be uber-cool. Designated mission objectives that make use of the vast city would be great; side-quests that actually put the Agents’ skills to use beyond throwing cars and dumpsters at a gang of hoodlums would add tons of gameplay variety; and story-oriented mission structures that challenge players to make game-changing decisions that drastically alter the outcome of the story would be freaking awesome. This is the most important feature of the game that needs some altering, but it’ll probably be the least improved, which is why it’s number one on this list.

Again, we liked the original Crackdown here at Blend Games, but we’re hoping the sequel goes forward in achieving something grand within the industry. Think our list is good or do you think you could come up with a better one? Feel free to post your Top 5 Ways to Make Crackdown 2 Not Suck below. And remember to stay tuned in for more news, updates and info regarding the latest gaming happenings.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.