Torchlight 2 Papillon Is The Fiercest Of All Pets

Runic Games decided to put their office mascot Falcor into Torchlight 2. The Papillon pet will help players wreak havoc throughout the countryside and do so in a very adorable manner.

"Torchlight 2 features pets that are mischievous, slobbery, other-worldly, faithful, goggly, airborne, or formidable, but only one is truly fearsome...The Papillon," said Runic of the pet.

Pets are a feature carried over from the first game. They'll fight alongside the player and can also carry loot back to town to sell it to save you the trip. You can feed certain fish to your pet in order to turn them into other creatures.

Torchlight 2 is due sometime this year. Runic says they might even release the game a mere month after Diablo 3.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.