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This Total War: Warhammer Trailer Shows You The Battlefield In 360 Degrees, Check It Out

Creative Assembly's Total War: Warhammer has basically been receiving nothing but praise, especially when it comes to the graphics and immersive feeling of being on the battlefield. That's exemplified multi-fold with the new 360 degree trailer.

Game Informer caught wind of the amazing new launch trailer for Total War: Warhammer. The game made with the blessings of Games Workshop really highlights the grim fantasy elements of the property by bringing it to life through the Total War brand. The trailer above does a fantastic job of making viewers feel overwhelmed with things to see and action to absorb.

It's rare that there's a trailer that comes out where you need to watch it several times over just to grasp how much content it's throwing at you. We get to see the infantryman by the hundreds marching upon their intended target, while artillery devices on wheels roll up alongside for support. The 3D positional sound is played up to perfection as we hear the giant birds screech while passing by and the thunderous roar of explosions taking place as fireballs make impact in the background.

The trailer is just a magnificent showcase for the latest Total War from Creative Assembly. The 360 degree element used in the trailer was a real inventive spark, as it gave gamers an opportunity to choose where they wanted to focus their attention. In real-time strategy games it's easy to become overwhelmed with all of the different units and actions on display at any single one time, and while that still plays a part in the trailer, we get to see the consequences of using each of these units and how it affects the battlefield on a whole.

In the Total War: Warhammer trailer, magic completely destroys battle lines, while some of the flying dragons spread terror throughout the enemy troops. We see the artillery and long range weapons picking apart scattered groups of soldiers and dirtying up the field with massive explosions, along with some of the giants wading through the torrent of infantry to do devastating damage.

There's just a lot to soak in from the Total War: Warhammer launch trailer, and Creative Assembly and the marketing crew did a fantastic job of creating this dynamic collage of battle sequences that don't even look like they come out of a real-time strategy game. Speaking of which, players who would actually like to view their matches as a more cinematic spectacle can do so with the newly implemented replay feature. This enables users to go back and rewatch their matches but without the interference of the HUD or menus, so it's totally possible to re-create the launch trailer within Total War: Warhammer with a bit of planning and proper editing.

The game will launch with three factions, including the Dwarves, Humans and Orcs. If you pre-order the game or pick up a copy during the launch week you'll gain access to the Chaos faction for free. Creative Assembly has plans on adding and expanding the game's content with additional DLC post-release.

The latest game in the Total War series has already gained some very positive review scores and will be available exclusively on PC starting May 24.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.