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Monolith Productions is going through a tough time right now. No, not financially or critically. Their game Shadow of Mordor did quite well. The troubles they're experiencing right now deals with one of their own staff being ill from glioblastoma, a rare cancer that creates brain tumors.

Game Informer explained how the team has come together to help Monolith Productions' executive producer, Mike Forgey. He's currently being treated for glioblastoma, but it's expensive and difficult. Due to said expenses, Monolith is trying to raise funds for Forgey and his family to the tune of $300,000 using YouCaring.com, a funding site for “compassionate crowd-funding”. They've managed to raise $119,323 out of the $300,000 goal so far.

Given that Forgey worked on illustrious games like Epic Games' Gears of War and Gears of War 2, as well as Zune, Conker, Perfect Dark Zero and Fable, in addition to his work on Shadow of Mordor. Monolith and other gamers are live-streaming games and using the hashtag #ForForgey to help raise awareness and funds for the crowd-fund to help pay for his medical expenses.

According to Game Informer the diagnosis for Forgey is that he only has 14.6 months as a live-expectancy for the kind of glioblastoma that he has. Anything more than two years becomes a 30% survival change and Game Informer notes that only about 10% of patients make it past the five year mark with a cancer as aggressive as glioblastoma. It's difficult to treat since it affects the brain. The money raised isn't just for the medical bills but also to help with taking care of the living expenses of Forgey's family, who are likely going through a tough time right now.

Forgey and his wife April have three kids and he's hoping that there will be enough funds raised to take care of the future of his family. The campaign will run up through the end of January into the start of February, 2016.

At the moment the campaign has managed to attract more than 530 individuals contributing to the crowd-funding campaign to help in the fight against Forgey's cancer.

Given the popularity and acclaim attached to Shadow of Mordor, it may not be too difficult to help spread the word around since a lot of gamers loved their time with the title.

The game itself is a third-person, hack-and-slash, action-stealth role-playing game. One of the highlights of the game was the Nemesis system that saw various Orcs in the game remembering their battle encounters with the player and using that as a way to setup traps and establish a fighting style to counter the player. It's a neat system that helped shape a new perspective on having an enemy rival in a game and the Nemesis system was well received by both the gaming community and critics alike.

The hashtag #ForForgey is up and available right now. Various gamers and Monolith will continue to stream games and use the hashtag to help raise awareness and money for Michael Forgey.
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