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Trackball Controller Heads To Kickstarter

Have you ever felt the need to utilize precision aiming on a controller but felt like no controllers outside of Splitfish's offerings suited your tastes? Well, Peter Von Buskirk wants to get his ergonomic controller kickstarted using crowd-funding.

The controller is based on a the typical Dualshock 2 design from the old PlayStation 2 era. The left analog, face buttons, digital pad and triggers are all the same as a standard controller, but the bigger difference is that the right analog is replaced with a large, spherical trackball...yes, a trackball. Even though these things have gone out of style since the late 90s, Von Buskirk thinks it might make a nice alternative for precision gaming using a controller.

You can see the trackball controller in action in the following Kickstarter video below. Check it out.

Joystiq managed to grab a quote from Pete, with the controller designer saying...

"I have always speculated that it was due to limited public awareness or a skeptical attitude toward a then-unusual pre-sale site," ... "Maybe if Kickstarter has existed then, it would have succeeded. You never know."

There is a common complaint about the controller even though it isn't even out, and it's that it should have used the Xbox 360 controller or Xbox S Controller design as opposed to a PlayStation DualShock 2 design. I tend to agree, because even I have become spoiled with the ergonomically sexy design and comfortable handling of the 360 controller; it feels right for core gaming.

Still, if a Kickstarter like this gets off the ground then maybe we can see alternative designs based on the inclusion of a trackball into a gamepad. For now, you can learn more about the Trackball Gamepad by visiting the official Kickstarter page.

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