Ubisoft slipped out their latest Maniaplanet title called Trackmania 2 Valley, it's a continued expansion on their ever-so-popular Trackmania brand and takes players from the cozy stadium and dusty desert canyons, to the foliage-rich thickets of a deep forest valley.

Gametactics tossed together the bits and pieces of media that Ubisoft let slip out during the launch of their not-quite-highly-anticipated-but-welcomed racing title that not only looks amazing but carries a very budget-conscious price tag with it on Steam and Uplay's digital distribution portal.

For those of you unfamiliar with the >Trackmania titles, each game features one vehicle set per scenario and allows players to fully customize the livery for the car. So, for instance, in Trackmania 2 Canyon there is only the sporty race car-type available and in Trackmania 2 Stadium only the Indy-looking car is available. For the Valley release players will have a rally-type car to race in. Each vehicle type behaves and handles differently, so it's not like players are just buying a different game with slight cosmetic changes.

The thing that really makes Trackmania titles stand out, however, are the absolutely crazy track designs. The vehicles are slightly floaty but maintain enough realism so players can feel every jolt, flip, bump, crash and jump with the gravity-defying track designs.

Even more than that, players are provided the means to build their own tracks and encouraged to share them with the Trackmania community. The design ideas and limits on the tracks only extend about as far as your imagination goes. So it's entirely up to you to determine how in-depth, realistic or fantastical you want your tracks based on your playing preference.

The game even sports a variety of single-player, online multiplayer and offline split-screen game modes, so there's a little bit of something in there for everyone. The game has also become quite synonymous with building up clan communities who challenge and race each other in a variety of skill-based tracks, which is something some gamers might quite enticing.

If you want to get in on the action you can do so right now for only $17.99 on Steam.

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