So you want to see how a real-life, 1:1 replica of the Aperture Science Portal Gun works? Well, a new video trailer from NECA Toys was released showing the replica in action.

The video comes courtesy of Side Mission who picked it up from YouTube. The trailer is aimed to promote the product that will officially go on sale for North Americans this April. The crazy part about it is that the replica is already sold out!

As previously reported, the life-sized replica of the popular device used to warp from one physical instance to the next, will carry the moderately high price tag of $139.99. Initially only 5,000 replicas were made but they sold out rather quickly. A few places enable you to sign-up on a waiting list where you will be instantly notified once more stock arrives.

The device will be "officially" available this April -- even though technically it won't be available because it's all sold out -- but you can still learn more about the Portal Gun by paying a visit to the Official NECA Toys Website

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