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Have you ever wanted to be a train conductor? How about simulate the experience of conducting trains? ...No? Well have you ever wanted to be a train conductor during a zombie apocalypse? ...No? Well have you ever wanted to be a train conductor during a zombie apocalypse while paying half-price for the experience? Yes?! Of course, who would want to pass up that offer?

RailSimulator.com has gone over and beyond to provide gamers with one of the most intense train simulators ever as you battle hordes of zombies playing a conductor who's about to retire in two days.

Players will be tasked with rescuing passengers, making split-second decisions to avoid explosive confrontations and dealing with Denzel Washington quality blockbuster moments, as trains the size of the Chrysler building hurdle award from a zombie infestation and into the heart of cataclysmic destruction. This is Trains Vs Zombies 2!

This game is also half-off at the moment so you can enjoy Trains Vs Zombies 2 right now for only $8.99. If this sounds like something you would enjoy and you want to test your train conducting skills against undead hordes, be sure to pick up a copy right now on Steam. You can check out a list of the game's features below.


* Realistic Northeast Corridor railroad line complete with zombie characters
* AEM-7 electric locomotive with passenger cars
*Five ghoulish scenarios – complete each scenario to complete the game:
* It Kicks Off
* Help Doesn’t Arrive
* Clean the Unclean
* Sleeping with the Fishes
* Project Flood Also includes a Relay scenario: join forces with your friends to save the city!

* Compatible with Train Simulator 2013 downloadable content - visit our Steam store to choose realistic locomotives and routes to download and drive