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It looks like there are just two days left until the official release of the brand new update for Trickster Online: A New Discovery. To ensure that gamers are well aware of what the update will feature, Ntreev sent out a press release containing all the juicy info regarding the new content and features.

According to Chris Lee CEO of Ntreev USA…
"We communicate a great deal with our Trickster community and these new features are some of the things they have told us they would like to see,"… "With this new update, players will get all kinds of new opportunities to unlock mysteries, increase skills."

Some of the new features include a “Surprise Spot” where players can take on daily quests by accessing special NPC vendors and collecting map pieces to uncover buried treasure. A new mini-game has been implemented to make better use of the Card system and a new quest system was added that allows players to develop and evolve a Trickster Guardian.

You can learn more about the New Discovery update for this free-to-play MMORPG by visiting the Official Website. The update is planned to go live on November 4th.