Tryst RTS Gameplay Trailer Gets Surprisingly Stealthy

It's not often that we see stealth elements utilized in RTS games. Yes, there's always the scout class that gives you a bonus in map visibility and whatever, but in this latest gameplay video of BlueGiant Interactive's Tryst, the stealth elements play a vital role in getting the jump on the enemy and securing victory.

Tryst is a multiplayer online real-time strategy game that takes place out in the deep recesses of space. Up to eight players can duke it out per map, using classic StarCraft-quality RTS gameplay mechanics to beat the crap out of the enemy.

You can see how utilizing the unit's special abilities can help turn the tide between success and failure.

Right now the game is still accepting closed-beta applicants. The game itself sports environmental hazards to work around, skills and upgrades to master for each character class, as well as a “keep going” mode that enables the AI to take over for players who bail out of a game mid-match. That's going to be useful for all those little rage quitters who get their butts handed to them early on and then don't want to suffer defeat so they bail out. Then again, I can also see how this could also be used for boosting, given that one person could let the other person win for a while and then bail for an easy victory.

Anyway, if Tryst looks like a fun RTS game that suits your standards of playstyle feel free to learn more or sign-up for the beta by paying a kind visit to the game's Official Website.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.