It's a busy weekend for Heroes of the Storm news, as Blizzard has announced that two new playable characters are coming to the super-popular MOBA. Get ready to take control of Chromie and Medivh. Oh, and if that's not enough, they're also retooling the ranked system.

A couple of big announcements went live on the Heroes of the Storm news feed yesterday, beginning with the announcement that a pair of fresh Heroes will soon be added to the game. First up is Chromie, apparently the first member of the Azeroth Draonflights to join the fray.

The notes on Chromie state that she will be best suited as a long-range attacker who has the ability to bend magic and time to her will. An adorable Gnome, apparently Chromie offers up “some of the highest kill-potential” in Heroes of the Storm. Honestly, that might be my new favorite state in the history of ever. It's like, sure, we know the guy's batting average and ERA, but what can you tell me about his kill-potential?

If you're looking to unleash all of that Chromie rage in Heroes of the Storm, look forward to picking her up in the Nexus during the week of May 17.

Next up is the addition of the finely feathered Medivh, another ranged sorcerer who has the ability to alter the battlefield in ways that will help out his teammates and serve as a real pain in the butt for his foes.

Not only can Medivh create portals for his teammates to travel through, but he can also become an invulnerable raven in order to either go deep into enemy territory unscathed, or get out of harm's way when the battle isn't going his way. You HOTS fans will have to wait a bit longer to take control of Medivh, though, as he won't be arriving until the week of June 14. Still, that gives you a pair of characters to look forward to over the course of about five weeks.

Blizzard's update ends with a promise that even more neat stuff is inbound for HOTS, including more new Heroes, mounts, skins, portraits and a revamped ranked system.

The new ranked system will arrive the week of June 14 alongside Medivh. According to the announcement, the system is getting a “horde of new features, improvements and rewards.” There's going to be division tiers to help keep players matched by skill, as well as seasons to keep the competition constant and far more interesting, and also some form of recognition for players who do really well in the game. There's also going to be end-of-season rewards, giving HOTS players more reasons than ever to keep coming back for more.

There are quite a few details already available for the revamped ranked system, so we suggest you read the full post if you want to get a handle on things nice and early.
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