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Sports games are a rare breed in the MMO genre, with only a few particular titles that stand out such as Freestyle and a few MMO sports managers. Nevertheless, Game Logic has taken the MMO sports genre into the next step with a free-to-play baseball title that caters to a wide audience. The company recently announced that Two Out Rally Baseball has recently entered into its third season with a host of new gameplay features.

Walter Fulbright, President of Game Logic & Design commented in the press release, saying…
"While those are often the same person," … "we really have something to offer for everyone, whether you like baseball, closely-knit communities, or you just seek out addictive games. It's a neat opportunity to provide all three in a way that's never been done before."

The game, in its third season, now sports a team ownership function, a robust create-a-player mode complete with optional positioning and a new referral option. The team ownership feature adds a whole new depth and replayable element to the game’s competitive nature.

You can check out the free-to-play MMO baseball title by heading over to the Official Website.

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