It's not often that we hear that a game exits closed-beta but doesn't immediately head into open-beta. Oftentimes the process of going from CBT to OBT happens within a matter of hours or sometimes days, but not with UFO Online.

Gamigo announced today that UFO Online has successfully completed its closed-beta testing sessions but they won't be releasing the game. Instead, they're having the developers, Funatics, head back to the drawing board to update and implement some features gathered by the user feedback.

The official statement on the game's development status is as follows...
The feedback from the community will be implemented into the continued development of the turn-based strategy MMO through developers Funatics. gamigo would like to thank all the testers for participating as well as for the countless suggestions and is looking forward to seeing everyone again in the second phase of beta testing, which will be announced soon.

Well at least they're going for quality over quantity. I also must commend Gamigo for being so darned intuitive and picking up MMOs in sub-genres most other companies are completely ignoring. I really like where some of these publishers are going, especially GamersFirst, Aeria Games and Gamigo. They have some really great stuff to offer and are quickly establishing themselves as real competitors to the AAA home console and PC publishers.

You can learn more about UFO Online: Fight for Earth, the X-Com based strategy MMO, by paying a visit to the game's Official Website.

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