Salting an open wound is pretty harsh, but salting an open wound while a competitor makes small slices above or below the wound is uber harsh. Well, that's exactly what Ubisoft is doing as they've announced that in the wake of EA's epic SimCity launch blunder, they're discounting their city simulator Anno 2070 by up to 66% today.

It's funny because during this fallout many gamers took to the comment sections across multiple websites and community forums to play up the possibility of Ubisoft capitalizing on this clusterfail of SimCity to promote their own stuff and win back some favor. Well, Ubisoft is doing just that with a weekend deal, starting today, featuring their own city simulator that was once at the forefront of its own controversy.

Way back when, Anno 2070 had its own restrictive DRM that caused quite a stir, but Ubisoft learned from the err of their ways and in a very public and exposing interview with Rock, Paper, Shotgun, admitted that they would be getting rid of their always-on DRM policies.

Ubisoft later followed up on this move by saying that they were sorry about calling PC gamers a bunch of pirates and that they were on the road to redemption and asking PC gamers for forgiveness.

On that road to reformation, Ubisoft is capitalizing on their arch rival's massive screw-up by running a weekend sale on their titles, starting with their SimCity rival, Anno 2070.

I'm really curious if Ubisoft is actually reformed and looking to build a trusting relationship with gamers or if they're just trying to leverage some brownie points on EA's continuous anti-consumer trends.

Personally, I'm still not fond of Uplay being required to on top of having a game on Steam, but I guess registering with Uplay is still better than using Origin. You can grab the Anno pack from Steam's store right now.

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