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A short-film that doubles down as a real-time tech demo for Unity Technology's Unity 4 Engine has been released from Passion Pictures featuring a glorious display of high-end graphics features, lighting techniques and physics in one hilarious, action-packed, fast-moving adventure.

The demo starts a little slow. Showing off things like volumetric steam effects, real-time light sourcing, soft and hard shadows, as well as deformation and high resolution models and textures.

The video trailer feels like a typical tech demo at first, following the standard procedures of seeing things in close-up shots to showcase certain engine features, but then the trailer completely abandons all tradition and just goes way off the deep-end in a really, really, really explosive way. Check it out.

The Unity Engine never really gets the props it deserves despite having a lot of top-tier functionality to churn out competent games. I'll admit that the Unity Engine lacks some of the more dynamic qualities present in engines like the Unreal Engine 4, such as volumetric particle effect control or multi-layered luminosity dispersion, and I'll also admit that we've yet to see anything from Unity even remotely as jaw-dropping as Square's Luminous Engine, but the games still look good enough on Unity to be considered current or next-gen titles.

The Unity Engine is currently supporting a few Kickstarter games due to its financially easy-burden and the lack of heavy licensing fees attached to it. The asset store and microtransactions also make it easy for developers to pick and choose what they need to get their game done, ranging from $10 animations from Mixamo, to AI routines from xaitment.

If you're interested in using the Unity Engine for an upcoming project, feel free to learn more by paying a visit to the Official Unity Technology Website.

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