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A fierce bidding war between film studios took place this week over the film rights of a certain EA video game called Dante's Inferno. Haven't heard of it? That's because it hasn't even been announced yet.

According to Variety, Universal Pictures beat out three other studios with an seven-figure offer. That's pretty amazing considering A) most film adaptations of games are ass, and B) no one knows whether the game will be any good.

Dante's Inferno was originally the first part of a 14th century book called Divine Comedy. Like the book, the video game will depict some sort of journey through hell. Unlike the book, the game will probably give the main character a shotgun and/or power armor.

So why would EA auction off the rights to a game that hasn't even been announced yet? Variety noted that it gives the film company time to create a movie whose release coincides closely with the release of the game. Promoting a film based on a game that just came out is a bit easier than promoting a film based on a game everyone forgot about, I suppose. Still, the risk remains that the game might suck. It does indicate that EA has a lot of confidence in this game, though, so I suspect we'll get an earful about it soon.