Upcoming Fable 2 Patch Notes

Lionhead Studios is currently testing and finalizing an update to fix a few bugs in Fable II. No word on when it'll be released but here's a list of the tweaks:

  • The Ritual/Monk's Quest – Fixed the issue with the Abbott becoming unresponsive if you leave Oakfield before he finishes talking. This will fix the problem if you've already hit it, too.
  • Rescuing Charlie/Rescue My Baby – after rescuing Charlie, you can now able to interact with objects
  • Guild Cave chest – resolves any issues with previously inability to retrieve items unlocked from Limited Collector's Edition, website or Chicken Kickin' game. If you've already hit this bug you should now get your items.
  • The Spire (Pt2) – no more issues with ship captain being unresponsive
  • The Hero of Skill (Pirate King) – you'll no longer get stuck during Hero of Skill quest (Bloodstone)
  • T.O.B.Y./Trouble In Bloodstone – you'll no longer get stuck during T.O.B.Y. quests (Bloodstone)
  • Your child - will no longer be chosen as an assassination target
  • Furniture Shop in Albion (Bowerstone) will now always have something for sale

The patch notes also mention "additional unspecified fixes," which are both additional and unspecified. The announcement on the Lionhead blog notes that these issues were some of the most common ones mentioned on the forums and e-mail - so I guess they do listen to you folks, after all.

Pete Haas

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.