Utherverse Adds Edutainment Initiative To Their Platform

Not every online portal and entertainment service is aimed at trying to pick every penny out of your pocket. Some services are aimed at entertaining, educating and enlightening. The new initiative from Utherverse is exactly that kind of service.

The company recently announced that they are aiming to expand and improve their enterprise presence by accommodating a different kind of demographic.

Brian Shuster, creator and CEO of Utherverse commented about the new initiative, saying...

“Our enhancement is the ability for an educator to offer course instruction by bringing the students into a virtual classroom environment,”. “Students can attend lectures, they can raise their hand to ask for clarification, they can be given group projects to collaborate on with other students and teaching assistants, and so on. This program has an integral socialization aspect, which is a dramatic shift in the direction of online education. This is a direct educational benefit that has been missing from internet learning – students will now be able to learn through contact with the instructor and other students.”

,br> Utherverse is mostly known for their Virtual World Web platform that hosts a number of different online interactive entertainment hubs for users of all ages. Some of these hubs range from business oriented ventures to personal outlets as well. The company also operates virtual real-estate, an interior design platform, as well as 3D music authoring tools for those with a penchant for audio proliferation.

The idea behind Utherverse's new educational campaign is to help students to learn and grow about a wide range of subject matter that they otherwise may not have been entirely interested in during normal school sessions.

As noted in the press release – and this is something even I think is pretty cool – things aren't limited to just classrooms and textual information accumulation and consumption...

“...imagine Civil War battlefields teeming with soldiers, the officers meeting at headquarters, or politicians discussing legislation – what about literature or algebra or creative writing? These subjects are actually much more simple in the virtual environment. With the ability of any educator, school or University to feature online classrooms, students that normally would be relying on email will now be able to have real time conversations by virtually interacting with instructors, professors, teaching assistants and other students.”

Instead of simply reading about the Battle of the Bulge, you'll be right there on the virtual frontlines, getting all sorts of useful and educational insight into the way the battle played out and what some of the key elements were that allowed it to go down in history as such a monumental event.

The sky is basically the limit when talking about virtualizing the education process. This method also isn't limited or simply being adopted by Utherverse, there are other educators and educational outlets making use of this method of getting information out there to help all sorts of kids find news to engage in history, literature, math and science.

In fact, a new study showed that more than 24% of teachers like using video games to help kids learn. Other companies like D2D have also been using financial games to help increase financial literacy, and Valve has been giving out free copies of Portal to schools and home educators to help kids better understand and learn about physics.

Gaming and interactive entertainment is certainly growing and expanding in some really positive ways, and it's good to see companies like Utherverse further offering users, gamers, home educators and learners alike a great alternative to the standard text-book method of learning.

You can gather up more info by paying a visit to the official Utherverse website.

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.