Uwe Won’t Believe What He’s Gotten Himself Into Now

If you haven’t already checked out the ongoing saga between Wired magazine and notorious chowdahead game-film director Uwe Boll, you don’t know what you’re missing. After receiving an unflattering review of his latest film adaptation of the game Postal from Wired’s Chris Kohler, Uwe has taken to blasting Wired magazine’s editor with inflammatory emails, including such ad hominem gems as “you don’t see courage because you are nothing. and no go to your mum and fuck her” and “you are a wanna bee filmmaker with no balls.” If I were a castrated Jerry Seinfeld, I’d probably be eating my heart out right about now.

Thrilled that they weren’t challenged to a boxing match, Wired has contacted him with a request for an interview. Going even against the advice of his publicist, who warned him that this is obviously destined to become a hilariously entertaining trap, Uwe Boll has agreed to conduct a phone interview with Wired concerning Postal’s dismal review, which should be taking place…today, according to Wired’s website!

With any luck we’ll be seeing more on the saga behind Boll’s latest masterpiece/bowel movement in the days to come. Stay tuned!