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Troika Games is no longer supporting Vampire: The Masquerade. To them, the game stopped being a priority after it turned out to be a less than popular retail game due to launching with countless bugs and glitches, and also because it caused them to go belly up. Well, thanks to its design environment the community has been able to patch the game for the past eight years.

On a community forum posting [via Blues] a list of all the game's changes has been listed, including this such as dialogue fixes, animation adjustments and even improved camera work for cinematics and non-playable sequences.

It's amazing how a dedicated modding community can take a game and completely transform it...or in the case of Troika's Vampire: The Masquerade, fix it to the point of finally being playable.

I think it's also amazing that the patch update is all the way up to 8.1. That's kind of insane because most times patches level out around 2.0 or 3.0. Usually by the time they hit that ceiling the company is releasing a new iteration, a sequel or a remake.

Vampire is a game that has a long-endearing set of niche fans, mostly because it's a rare action-RPG that we don't get very often, especially dealing with vampires. So quite naturally, gamers have been desperately trying to hold on to this game for dear life since the only other upcoming game where you can play a vampire that also infuses some RPG elements is Kalypso Media's Dark.

Nevertheless, if you're still playing Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines be sure to check out the latest patch to fix the game or learn more about previously released patches over at the community forum.

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