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Chillingo announced that their 3D vampire hunting game, Vampire Origins, has arrived on the app store for the iPod Touch and iPhone. The game follows a disgruntled hunter from a secret organization who lost his bride to the blood-sucking parasites and sets out on a quest for revenge.

Based on the game descriptions and the in-game video trailer, Vampire Origins is a pretty awesome game. Surprisingly enough, the game actually plays out similar to Eidos’ classic, Nightmare Creatures. The graphics don’t look bad either and if the resolution was higher it would probably give a few titles on the PS2 a run for their money.

You can check out the complete game description below or take a peek at the gameplay trailer if you need some convincing. You can purchase Vampire Origins from the AppStore or visit the Official Website for more information.

Game Features:

• Take control of Vincent in the most intense survival horror ever to hit the iPhone and iPod touch.
• Dark gothic atmosphere with exquisite 3D environments.
• Detailed character models and gripping realism.
• Four weapons available to fend off the vampiric hordes.
• Thrilling boss fights based on actual sword fighting techniques.
• Multiple control methods: Dual-stick or touchscreen interface.
• Three stages of detailed story-driven gameplay, or try your luck in Survival Mode.
• Full Crystal integration including challenges, achievements leaderboards and social networking.

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