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Vampire Season Brings Monstrous Tower Defense To iOS June 28

The world of monsters and strategy is about to collide as 6waves and developer Brainz announces Vampire Season, a tower defense game heading to iDevices June 28.

It looks like Dracula's secret hideout has been discovered, which means all manner of vampire hunter is going to be heading his way. The dark lord's coffin needs protecting while he sleeps, which is where the player comes in. Build an army of all sorts of ghosts and ghouls and carefully position them around 30 campaign maps to keep Drac's casket out of the wrong hands.

Vampire Season's single player offerings are spread across three worlds of forests, swamps, crypts and more. Each of your monsters has a special ability suited to keeping goodie-two-shoes heroes at bay. Deciding where on the map they will be most useful is up to you. You'll also have the ability to combine monsters to make a dozen super-charged monstrosities.

Along with the story mode, Vampire Season features a never-ending survival mode, as well as the ability to compete against your friends in player-versus-palyer monster mayhem.

And no iOS game would be complete without a way for the player to spend some real world money, otherwise it really wouldn't be a true free-to-play title, would it? Monsters can be upgraded with an in-game currency and, while you can pick up loads of moolah on the battlefield, players may also spend some real dollars to quicken the process and earn items faster.

For more details and a trailer, drop by the Vampire Season website.

Staff Writer for CinemaBlend.