Venus Rising MMO Dabbles In Interactive Sex

A new MMO is on the horizon (currently in alpha testing) featuring some profound new features: the ability to shag your way to victory. However, the shagging in Venus Rising isn't like some previous porn – er, sex MMO games, where you beat someone up and shag them. All the shagging in Venus Rising is both consensual and necessary in order to gain power and influence over the land.

Joystiq's Massively has a write-up on the game which is already garnering a bit of a reputation. They note how the game's freemium model takes a bit of liberties with the mechanics, keeping everything in tow with traditional MMOs and having cash shop vanity items, but with the premium subscription model it unlocks the adult content so you can romp and be romped by other players.

In an interview with MMORPG Italia, Foxy Soft's Alex Allen talked about the different approach the indie company was taking with their free-to-play MMO (though, pay-to-play for all the hanky panky), saying...

At launch we will have one on one hetero and homosexual capabilities. Players can progress through 10 levels of expertise to eventual have 16 sexual positions to choose from during an encounter. Players will be able to invite other players into their personal home or an game provided room to engage in sexual activities. Or Players can visit any one of the game provided brothels to learn from an NPC and gain experience that way.

Oh yeah, and as mentioned, unlike some other games out there, all the sex in Venus Rising is consensual. So if you were hoping to make a guild called Rectal Rooters who go around giving newbs some painful rear-end rompings, you're out of luck. If, however, you want to invite newbs to your pad and partake in some “gang warfare” activities, well, that's a completely different thing.

Venus Rising isn't all about the sex, though, (but mostly it is) as there's still an actual MMO housed in the hedonistic concept. Players will still grind in combat with the standard-fare target-locking system of old, there are still quests and crafting and various character classes, including things like being a merchant a politician or a soldier. As you level up in the ranks you can use your sex appeal to gain favorable positions, thwart the powers that be or ally yourself with an established nation in order to rule all the plebs.

This game will probably be a running joke for a while – with few people ballsy enough to admit they'd even play it – but I can easily see this game garnering a small niche community somewhat similar to that other free-to-play MMO designed for one-handed gamers... Scarlet Blade.

If Venus Rising is your kind of game, and you've been looking to take your Mass Effect romance skills to the next level, be sure to pay a visit to the game's official website to find out how you can get in on the beta.

Will Usher

Staff Writer at CinemaBlend.