One of the wordiest video game franchises of all time is now available, appropriately enough, on a phone. Metal Gear Solid Mobile, designed by the same team behind the console installments of the series, is now available exclusively to Verizon Wireless customers. I hope it comes with a "Snake? SNAAAAAAAKE?!" ring tone.

MGS Mobilewill feature 3D graphics (pretty decent looking 3D graphics, at that), original content, and the same stealth-action gameplay that the MGS series is known for. In an interesting twist, the phone's camera will also be incorporated into the game. One example of this functionality is cited in the original press release: "Verizon Wireless customers can use their camera phones to capture images and the game will incorporate the image colors into the players' camouflage system." It's unclear if this will actually have some influence on gameplay, though - for example, will taking a picture of a white wall make Snake harder to detect when he's sneaking through the snow?

You can purchase monthly access to the game for $4.99 or pay $10.99 for unlimited use. The game is downloadable through the Get It Now virtual store and is compatible with more than 20 different Verizon phones.

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