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One of the games that have been overtaking the sales charts of Steam lately is a brand new indie title called The Stomping Land from SuperCrit, a small-time developer who took their idea to Kickstarter and managed to walk away with $114,000 in crowd-sourced funding.

The game is an open-world survival game set within prehistoric times. Players will take on the role of tribal members attempting to build up their camp, build up and recruit members to their tribe, fend off their village from intruders and, of course, tussle with and tame dinosaurs in the stomping land.

You can play the game in open servers with tons of other players (or with friends) or play it alone offline, but the real appeal is definitely with the multiplayer frills and thrills.

One of the highlights of the game is that in addition to standard survival antics – eating, healing and hunting – you can also grow your prestige by staying alive and surviving efficiently. What do you gain with more expertise points? The ability to kill, revive, tame and ride dinosaurs.

The video above gives you the very basic outline of the basic procedures for capturing and riding a dino in The Stomping Land. Baron Von Gamez, a YouTube personality, has been pumping out tons of new videos for the game, chronicling his rise (and falls) as he and his friends attempt to grow their abilities and presence in the game's open world.

As mentioned, you'll need the special herb(s) found within the caves and you'll need the proper expertise level to tame the appropriate level dinosaur (low level expertise means you're stuck with a low level dinosaur). Once you kill a dino, you use the herb to revive the dinosaur and then you press 'E' to interact with it and presto! You now have your own prehistoric Cadillac.

A second video from iDubbbzTV further shows a way to get your hands on a carnotaur. It takes skill, it takes expertise and it takes some cajones.

As showcased in the video above, you can use the dinosaur to attack other dinosaurs. For now you aren't able to use your spear or bow and arrow while mounted on a dino, but in future updates this could easily become a usable feature.

Instead, in order to attack other dinos you have to run head-first into them to chomp them down. This would be a very interesting thing to see play out in a multiplayer bout. I mean, what do you do chase each other's butts until someone gets in a big chomp or two?

Anyway, The Stomping Land is still early in development, working through the struggles of the alpha phase in Steam's Early Access. It's available right now for $24.99 but you can learn more by paying a visit to the official website.

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