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Usually, building a city (even a virtual one) is going to cost you some money. But, for today only, G5 has decided to do away with the cost of entry for Virtual City, giving gamers the chance to craft and manage their own world, free of charge.

Virtual City comes with all of the bells and whistles you would expect out of a city simulator and, for today only, you can get your hands on it for exactly zero dollars whether you’re playing on the iPhone, iPad, Mac, Google Play, Kindle Fire or Nook. Just boot up your mobile device of choice, head to the shop, type in “Virtual City,” then download it for free.

Virtual City allows players to build their own cities by constructing houses or industrial buildings, then makes calls on mass transit systems, parks, theaters, sports stadiums, special events, etc. You’ll also have to manage the production and transportation of goods, choosing the best routs for businesses to receive their supplies and ship out their own goods. Then you can focus on trading with neighboring cities, as well as handling services like health care, public safety, trash collection, etc. And if that’s not enough, you’ll also need to balance your city’s time, income and environmental factors alongside political and economic crises in order to keep as many citizens happy as possible.

So, yeah, like I said, it’s pretty much everything you would expect from a city building simulation. Virtual City includes 50 levels set across the U.S., 18 mission scenarios to keep you on your toes, more than 50 types of buildings and structures, 25 types of goods to transport, achievements and all sorts of upgrades and unlockables.

Did I mention that it’s free on just about every mobile device known to man for today only? Because that was kind of the whole point of this particular news post. Go get it.