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If you aren’t one of the lucky people who has an Oculus Rift on the way, don’t fret. A UK theme park, Alton Towers, has unveiled a stomach-churning, 47 mph flight ride through space, called Galactica. Check out the terrifying trailer for the ride below.

Of course, the trailer isn’t going to give away any of the spicy details, you’ll just have to be pleasantly surprised and brave the 3.5-g ride into space. The concept of this new thrill ride is an interesting one, because instead of boarding a virtual reality vehicle, like say, the Star Wars-themed Star Tours at Disneyland, you’re strapped up with a headset very similar to something like an Oculus Rift.


Disney World tried to come out with something sort of similar, called Mission: Space. It made headlines when Disney claimed it would mimic what it actually felt like to go up into space despite it just being a virtual reality ride. People raved that you could actually feel the g-force in your stomach.

A one-day ticket for Alton Towers on March 19 (when it opens back up for the season) costs about $55.00. And even if the only reason you’d be going to the park was to see Galactica, that’s still hundreds of dollars cheaper than buying your own Oculus Rift. But then you have to think about the massive wait time for a three minute ride. So it’s either spend hundreds of dollars on your own Oculus Rift with no wait time and access to tons of virtual reality games (and probably many more to come), or take the cheap route to feed your hunger until you can finally afford an Oculus Rift. At this point, it’s almost better to just save up that $55.00 and just buy an Oculus Rift.

Alton Towers opens back up for the season in March and Galactica will be opening in April.