Paradox Interactive announced the official release dates for two of their upcoming games, both War of the Roses and A Game of Dwarves. These two games have picked up quite a bit of steam for their original premises and hard hitting ambitions. Both games are set for release this October.

In about a month's time to this day, Paradox will unleash A Game of Dwarves on October 23rd. If strategy games aren't your thing and hard-hitting, gritty, bloody, gory action games are more to your liking then you can look for War of the Roses to unleash on the public on October 2nd.

According to Blues News both games will follow on Paradox's other popular strategy game, Hearts of Iron III: Their Finest Hour, which will go live this Wednesday, September 26th.

For those of you who don't know, War of the Roses is a huge breakaway from other first-person shooters because first up, it's a medieval battle game. Secondly, the game is entirely skill based and you won't be running around on crack-speed landing headshots and reloading faster than Charlie Sheen can snort a line off a pornstar's belly. Oh no, instead, War of the Roses requires precision combat skills and patient long-range abilities. Gamers are encouraged to watch each others backs and fight hard to stay alive.

A Game of Dwarves is the complete opposite of War of the Roses, you won't be decapitating people in the game nor will you find yourself in the muddy trenches of medieval Europe. Instead, the game plays out a lot like Dwarf Fortress but on a much smaller scale and with a greater focus on the visual candor and homey aesthetics. Players can customize their Dwarven halls, decorate their caves and expand their Dwarf empire.

You can learn more about both games over at Paradox Interactive's Official Website.

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