Paradox Interactive and Fatshark have today announced the contents of the first batch of DLC content for the massive melee warfare game, War of Roses, showing off all sorts of new pointy objects with which to dispatch one's foes. Also, winter is coming.

Sorry if that last sentence was misleading. I was referring to the frigid season, not making a sly not to the written works of one George R. R. Martin. Though I think we can all agree that War of Roses is a game that is just screaming for a massive Game of Thrones content patch.

But rather than fantasizing about reliving the Battle of the Trident, let's get to discussing what is actually included in this heaping helping of new content.

First up are the new wintery maps, inspired by the battles of Wakefield and Towton. I'm assuming those names mean something to those who actually know anything about the real War of the Roses, because they mean absolutely nothing to this foreign history dullard. But since the original wars here took place between Dec. 1460 and March 1461, you better believe snow and sleet are in the forecast.

Next up is a pair of new game mods. Pitched Battle is the only one being discussed at this time, and then only in name. No word on what the second mode offers or what either of the modes actually entails. Just know that you're going to get a couple of new ways to play the game, and that's never bad news.

Finally, there are the new weapons, including new crossbows, spears, pollaxes, armor and the like.

When the new content launches it will be made available directly in the game and become immediately available for purchase with in-game currency. The publisher's statement is that the system is designed to reward players who have invested a lot of hours into the game but, if you are impatient, everything can also be purchased for a small sum of real world dollars.

Look for the first batch of War of the Roses DLC sometime during Q4. Until then, keep up to date on all things medieval warfare at the game's official website.

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