Death is final in the upcoming update for Paradox Interactive’s medieval strategic battle game, War of the Roses, introducing the new game mode, Pitched Battle. There will also be a bunch of new gear for players to outfit their soldiers with, perhaps making that whole “death” thing an easier status to deliver to your opponents as well as avoid yourself.

In Pitched Battle, soldiers stay down when they’ve been sent to the great beyond on the business end of an enemy’s sword. When you die in battle, you die forever and ever. Period…Or maybe just until the next round starts. Either way, you won’t want to throw your soldiers around willy-nilly, because there’s no such thing as a respawn in Pitched Battle.

The new mode will be a part of the first monthly content updates to come to War of the Roses, set to hit your PC this coming Wednesday. Along with the new mode, players will also have access to a bunch of new gear for their soldiers, including the legendary Kingmaker sword brandished by English nobleman Richard Neville, as well as a new suit of heavy armor, a new helmet, four new visors and seven new weapons including the halberd, a horn-spanned crossbow and the gothic mace. It is assumed that all of the game’s other maces will make fun of the gothic mace for sitting alone behind the gym in a trench coat, smoking and listening to The Cure.

The Pitched Battle multiplayer game mode will be in a beta phase once the update goes live this Wednesday, open to all player to try out. As stated above, each knight only has a single life available in this new mode and will not be available again until the match is over.

For those who are interested in seeing Pitched Battle in action before taking it for a spin themselves, a TwitchTV broadcast featuring War of the Roses staff showing off the new mode will take place the day of the update’s release, Nov. 21, at 6 p.m. GMT. You can check it out for yourself at TwitchTV.

For more info on War of the Roses itself, visit the game’s official website.

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