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Hammerpoint Interactive announced today that the closed-beta testing phase for The War Z will begin on October 31st and at that point players will be able to waltz into the game and start churning out some YouTube videos that will either make or break the game.

For those of you who wish to help development along and pledge your support to the cause of The War Z you can start your pre-orders for the game right now, at this very moment.

Sergey Titov, executive producer for The War Z stated that...
“We’ve been working non-stop to tweak and balance the game to where we feel comfortable beginning to bring more players in,” ... “We are now at that point, but this is where the real work begins. We want to work with our players to build and add additional features, remove those that they don’t like and continue to evolve The War Z to be the best zombie survival-sim available.”

The “best zombie survival-sim available”...I think ZombiU and the retail release of DayZ will be challenging that title very, very, very soon. In fact, rumors have spurred that DayZ will be landing on a release date sometime in December while ZombiU will be launching in November with the Wii U.

The War Z throws players into various sections of a recreation of Colorado. There are plenty of safe zones, scavenging points and areas to gather equipment grief other players and murder zombies. It's basically a promise to deliver the experience of DayZ without the bugs and glitches and potentially with better gameplay. Gamers will be able to test that marketing position for themselves come October 31st once the closed-beta gets underway

If you're really digging The War Z and you're looking for a legitimate alternative to DayZ you can head on over to the site to register right now for a chance to be a part of the closed-beta at the end of this month. Alternatively, you can visit the official website to learn more about the pre-order packages in case you just want to throw money at Hammerpoint like a reckless little child in a candy store who managed to pickpocket their parent's wallet while they weren't looking.

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