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Hammerpoint Interactive's upcoming MMO, zombie-survival shooter has been on the receiving end of a lot of praise, anticipation, criticism and controversy. Regardless, Hammerpoint is trucking forward with their promotion of the game and the latest trailer gives a brief overview of the Colorado map.

The War Z puts players in a post-apocalyptic environment where survival is key, supplies are sparse and cash shop items aren't permanent if you bite the dust. The game is still in its early alpha stages and the sound needs some revamping as well as some of the animations, but a lot of the core concepts are in place. Check it out below.

The shooting definitely looks more polished than DayZ but there's really no telling how the rest of the game will play out. If The War Z manages to secure some measure of success Hammerpoint has acknowledged that they may expand the game's locations to places outside of Colorado.

The competition in the zombie-survival arena is looking quite stiff and it's basically a race to the release gate between State of Decay, DayZ and The War Z. The dark horse of the bunch is of course Ubisoft's ZombiU, but can we really count a Wii U exclusive amongst the bunch?

Anyway, you can learn more about The War Z by paying a visit to the Official Website. You can also tune into FPS General on October 1st for a brand new gameplay video.

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